Sunday, August 28, 2016

Big Amazon Gift Card giveaway drawing plus 2 Goodreads Book giveaways

I've tracked down some giveaways online that I'm sure lots of people would be interested in. At the Online Book Club, I found an extra nice Amazon Gift Card giveaway drawing for $250! Entries close at the end of August. If you don't win the shopping spree at Amazon, you can try your chances at picking up a new book at two different book giveaways going on at Goodreads. See the details and the links to enter the drawings below. 

Goodreads Book Giveaways

No Cage for a Crow, Part One: Into the Storm

Giveaway dates:
Aug 20 - Sep 03, 2016


The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 1: Archipelago

Giveaway dates:
Aug 23 - Sep 25, 2016

Countries available:
US, CA, and GB more

Amazon Gift Card Drawing

$250 Amazon gift card giveaway

Online Book Club

Entry will subscribe you to their email list of free and discounted Amazon books. Must enter by the end of August.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Google Play India - Fantasy Box Set only 67.00 Rupees

Outcast Journeys: Fantasy and Sci Fi Box Set by Eight Great Authors bundles 9 novels from an international group of authors. This ebook offers fantasy fans over 600,000 words of English-language content, and it's available internationally, including India.

People in India with an Android phone or tablet have access to the Google Play store where Outcast Journeys is included along with all of my other ebooks.

For Google Play's ebook store in India, I priced the box set at 67.00 INR. 

This multi-author fantasy and sci fi box set presents:

Leros of the Underworld: The Tournament by Nathan Anton

Describing himself as a connoisseur of Japanese anime, Nathan Anton is an author from the United Kingdom. In this novel, he introduces Leros and his sinister alter ego, Demiro. His adventures in Earth Alpha pit him against a tyrannical queen.

Forgotten Relics by Tiffany Cherney

Michigan author Tiffany Cherney takes readers into outer space in Forgotten Relics. In this sci fi adventure, Rei leads a crew of thieves as the Captain of the starship Kathya. While trying to escape her enemies, she chooses to help a friend find ancient relics. What she sees as an opportunity to strike back against her foes could actually change her life forever.

The Unfinished Song: Book 1 Initiate by Tara Maya

U.S. author Tara Maya has traveled the world, and her inspirations have poured out in many works of fiction. In The Unfinished Song, she creates a world of pixies, roving cannibals, hexers, warriors, and dancers. This story introduces an ambitious girl, Dindi, and an exiled warrior, Kavio. Dindi faces an initiation that no one in her clan has ever survived. Kavio searches for a new life after being exiled for a crime he did not commit. When he crosses Dindi’s path, a dangerous plot engulfs him. 

Sky Stone by Scarlett Van Dijk

This young adult fantasy novel from an Australian author introduces Skyla. In her 21st century life, Skyla is a social outcast. When a magical journey transfers her to a magical Medieval land at war, she steps into a destiny made for her by the gods.

Rys Rising by Tracy Falbe

In this epic fantasy by a Michigan author, the conflict between the magical tabre and rys will bring an entire age of the world to an end. In an attempt to enhance the magic of their species, the tabre created the rys, but then reviled them as unworthy failures. They hid them away in a remote mountain valley but could not contain them. When the rys challenge their masters, they will drag two human civilizations into a war that tests the faith of all involved.

The Amber Isle by Ashley Capes

In this story by an Australian novelist and poet, a rogue named Never is on a quest to learn his true name and lift a curse on his blood. When he joins a group of treasure hunters, he’ll uncover world-altering secrets that were dormant within the Amber Isle.

A Forest of Eyes by Ashley Capes (Special bonus sequel to the Amber Isle)

Poisoned and furious, Never must add a desperate quest for a cure to his existing search for truth. His path takes him deep into the White Wood where he faces vengeful spirits, giant leeches, and Commander Harstas, whose lust for revenge is an ever-present threat.

Roc Isle: The Descent by Alex James

In this heroic fantasy from a UK author, a titanic clash between rival clans releases monstrous sorcery. With magic and swords, Lord Azure of the Azure-Cloud Clan pursues revenge against those who assassinated his parents. Azure will struggle to raise an army among warriors of the North to fight the infidels in the South.

The Fey Man by James T Kelly

The final part of the box set presents a stunning story by a UK author that Brian Sibley described as “powerful.” The story includes elves, an enslaved army of dragons, a legendary blade, and mortal and fay realms. At the center of the saga is Thomas Rymour, a prophet who cannot lie. His friends beg him to join the battle to free the dragons, but can he overcome the magical forces that are arrayed against him?

Get your copy of Outcast Journeys at Google Play today.

Some U.S. based authors might think that it would be impossible to sell an ebook in India due to the differences in what everything costs. However, because Outcast Journeys is a low-priced box set meant to promote the contributing authors, its price represents an affordable purchase because it contains 9 novels and novellas by 8 authors. At 67.00 rupees, this box set could give an avid reader a lot of entertainment.

Visit Google Play to read Outcast Journeys or sample other ebooks by Tracy Falbe.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Free Fantasy Box Set at Smashwords in Exchange for Reviews

If you like to get your ebooks from Smashwords, I've got an excellent deal for you.

I'm seeking reviews for the title Outcast Journeys: Fantasy and Sci Fi Box Set by Eight Great Authors. It's already a $0.99 anthology with over 600,000 words of content, but, for those willing to leave a star rating and review at Smashwords, I'm offering a 100 percent off coupon code.

Use code PE37D to get this entertaining collection for free. After you've read it, return to Smashwords and leave a review. (Coupon expire 9/2/2016.)

About the Box Set

Join in the adventures of heroes and heroines created by an international group of eight talented authors. Outcast Journeys brings together nine novels and novellas set in fascinating realms of the imagination. From dragons to space ships, experience the trials and battles of memorable characters as they navigate magical worlds.

Get it for free at Smashwords. Use code PE37D at checkout.

I'm offering this free download in the hopes of getting enough reviews so that Outcast Journeys shows up under the highly rated category when readers browse the site.

Although many authors complain of never selling any ebooks at Smashwords, I know that people do buy ebooks there. Over the years, I've sold hundreds of ebooks at that site, and I'm sure bargain hunters at Smashwords would like to know about Outcast Journeys. If I can create some visibility for it at the online store, then maybe it will produce consistent sales there.

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