Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thus far my favorite Star Trek YouTube video

I am a dedicated Star Trek fan. No, this does not mean that I think that Star Trek V is a good movie (Let us never speak of it again.). Other Star Trek fans put together some tremendously good videos on YouTube. I'm posting here a Star Trek video set to music from Nine Inch Nails that poses the question: "What if Spock had not made it to Vulcan in time to satisfy his Ponfar needs?"

I'd call the content of this video R-rated.

At YouTube, I maintain my own channel at where you can find content related to the fantasy genre plus I have a Star Trek playlist as well.

As you might have suspected, I also have a Star Trek website. Check out my favorite articles there:

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P.S. Other Star Trek website webmasters can set up a link exchange at Star Trekreation.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Where to get a free fantasy ebook that's already been downloaded over 1,000 times

As I so often like to mention, I'm the author and publisher of The Rys Chronicles epic fantasy series. Because I know fantasy readers have plenty of choices, I offer on bended knee the first book Union of Renegades as a free fantasy ebook at Brave Luck Books (TM) the fantasy imprint of my company, Falbe Publishing. The ebook is available in 6 formats. Wow, I do everything except come to your house and read it to you.

Since I started tracking things in mid-2007, I can confidently say well over 1,000 people have downloaded the novel. Some of these fine readers were even pleased enough with my work to come back and purchase the rest of the series, but I'm truly flattered every time someone downloads the free one.

To glimpse the nature of my fantasy novel, here's the description from the cover of the paperback version:

Dreibrand Veta has killed for his country. At the frontlines of imperial expansion, he seeks to rebuild the fortune of his noble family. In his daring travels he encounters the rys, a race far more powerful than the human empire that bred him. Dreibrand cannot defy the rys Queen Onja nor defend his companion, Miranda, and her children from the wicked tyrant Queen. Desperate for help, Dreibrand and Miranda join Shan, a rys with emerging powers who plans to challenge Onja. In Shan’s pursuit of the rys throne, he exerts his magical powers, gathers his allies, and incites rebellion among Onja’s human subjects. Great wealth and power will reward the kings, warriors, and spies that align themselves with the rys pretender, but defeat could mean worse than death. Onja can imprison souls and her genocidal rage is legendary. Everything is at risk for Shan’s union of renegades.

For those readers who ain't interested in any newly fangled ebooks, you can get Union of Renegades for a mere $1 plus shipping. It's not quite free, but I'm definitely giving it away. What else is a poor fiction writer to do to get noticed?

Visit for full details.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amazon working hard to Kindle ebook readership

The Kindle ebook reader from Amazon has been a consistent object of media coverage since its debut almost a year ago. Then on Friday, October 24th, the Amazon/Jeff Bezos PR machine feathered its cap with an appearance on Oprah. As the undisputed Grand Duchess of Merchandising, Oprah Winfrey will certainly bless the Kindle with added exposure and more sales.

The already fast-growing market for ebooks will enjoy this boost that will start to shift digital publishing from the niche to the mainstream. With hive-like buzz building about the Kindle, more people will consider purchasing one, but they will want more than some fluffy chatting up on daytime television upon which to base their buying decisions.

Is the Kindle worthy of its buzz?

I answer with a qualified yes. I recently had the chance to check out my mother's Kindle and review its capabilities. I'm a user of the ebook reader from Sony myself, but I'll save the comparisons for another post.

To begin, the Kindle is a versatile device that provides a comfortable reading experience. You can read text on the e-ink technology screen without eyestrain in both artificial and natural light. The power usage is at an acceptable level. Depending on your reading habits, you can easily go one or two weeks between charges.

The Kindle also serves as an excellent device for people who enjoy audio books. The mp3 files store on the device just like ebooks, and you listen with either the Kindle speaker or plug it into speakers or headphones.

Content for the Kindle can be accessed and purchased wirelessly. The wireless capability of the device allows you to connect to the Amazon ebook store or the audio book store at from almost anywhere in the United States. This is a convenient way to shop for content because it does not require interfacing with a regular computer. This could perhaps be too convenient for impulse shoppers!

Although you can purchase and download ebooks or audio books wirelessly, you can still connect to your computer with a USB cable and load content that way. In addition to plain text files, the Kindle will operate MobiPocket format ebooks that are unencrypted, meaning that they do not have digital rights management (DRM). I include unencrypted MobiPocket ebooks for most of the titles that I sell for the convenience of Kindle users.

To learn more about the Amazon Kindle, please watch my product review of the device that I put on YouTube. I admittedly lack the polish of Oprah, but I make some valid comments and I am an unpaid reviewer.

Friday, October 24, 2008

What Makes Halloween So Fun?

When kids grow up these days, they do not discard their affection for Halloween. The ancient holiday remains wonderful fun for kids, and adults indulge in the annual revel as well.

I think three things make Halloween fun. The first is a feeling of community. This emerges when people go out into their neighborhoods with their children to trick-or-treat. When else do Americans run up and down their streets having fun and passing out candy? This activity helps people feel connected to each other, which is a basic human need. Even people without young children can participate by passing out candy. And often, merry parties are going on within homes as the doorbell rings. And party hopping among adults as they go from one costume party to another goes on late into the night after the wee trick-or-treaters have been tucked in with their candy bellyaches.

The second aspect of Halloween that makes it fun is costuming. This is a centuries old method for making merry. Costumes allow people to loosen the hold of their inhibitions. A costume allows someone to feel the excitement and freedom of living within an alternative identity. Costuming also lets people explore other aspects and interests of their personalities.

Finally, Halloween allows people to enjoy being scared. Most people like the feeling of fear based on something that is not actually real. It releases a pleasing adrenaline rush. The scary and spooky elements of Halloween celebration also carry on the ancient traditions of recognizing death as part of the world. Halloween can represent the death of one year and the birth of a new year, and it also draws liberally upon traditions that honor dead loved ones once a year.

I produce a Halloween website called Making Fear Fun with helpful information about many aspects of celebrating Halloween. If you're still working on putting a costume together, I recommend the following articles:

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meet the new boss...the same as the old boss

The blog is dead. Long live the blog!

Since 2005, I've had a blog that focused on the science fiction and fantasy genre. It's my favorite form of entertainment, and I blogged about it mostly to amuse myself and promote my epic fantasy series The Rys Chronicles.

However, the narrowly defined old blog ceased to meet my needs because my publishing business has happily gone beyond my favorite genre. My company is Falbe Publishing and it produces websites on a great variety of subjects, and publishes ebooks and trade paperback books.

Therefore, I have started "Her Ladyship's Quest" to chronicle my tireless efforts to extract a living from doing what I love.

Future posts will reveal my numerous activities and products.