Monday, November 17, 2008

4 New tattoo designs added to Destination Tattoo

My online publication Destination Tattoo includes a gallery of free tattoo designs along with its articles about tattoo health considerations, tattoo removal, explanation of the tattoo procedure, and reasons why people get tattoos.

I just added four more designs to the gallery. For people trying to figure out what their first or next tattoo will be, browsing free tattoo designs on the internet is a good way to get ideas. Although many tattoo artists are very talented, it is always a challenge for an artist and subject to communicate imagery. Printing out some images that illustrate the desired concepts and discussing these with a tattoo artist are part of a good process for achieving body art results that are pleasing.

The newest free tattoo designs this November are:

Spider tattoo
Owl tattoo
Pan tattoo
Genie lamp tattoo