Saturday, November 1, 2008

Global Warming - The expensive reality

I try to behave as an environmentalist. It's not easy considering I live in a civilization based on oil and coal, but I work to cut back on my energy use. I bought a bike in the spring and started using it for quick errands. I actually live close to most of the stores I frequent, so eliminating numerous short trips with a gas-burning, toxic-exhaust-spewing vehicle was a step in the right direction. I am attentive to energy efficiency within my home, and I my utility bills tend to be much lower than my peers. My electricity and gas bill for a 3 bedroom house and family of 4 in October was $59.

It's not just the financial savings I enjoy that motivate me to reduce my use of pollution-based energy sources. The severe environmental abuses of the Earth that are resulting in global warming are so serious that it is illogical not to take action to correct the situation. One of the websites I produce is Global Warming Facts and What To Do where I present my research about global warming, its causes, how people and businesses can reduce carbon dioxide output, and I include some well-produced YouTube videos of the appalling damage created by the coal and oil industries. When you look upon mountain top removal coal mining, you'll understand that clean coal is a myth. It does not matter if a coal power plant can supposedly sequester carbon dioxide because the actual mining of coal is turning Appalachia into Mordor and destroying forests in the process. Then, the world's filthy addiction to oil is illustrated in ghastly detail if you take a look at what extracting tar sands oil actually entails. In Alberta, a whole region is being turned into a toxic smouldering ruin for the sake of oil.

These are issues that cannot be ignored. The air we breathe depends on fixing our lifestyles that are out of whack with anything approaching sanity. I'm saving for solar panels. My choice will not be enough to save civilization, but I'm sure I won't be able to afford fossil fuel energy much longer anyway. The economy is just a subset of the environment.