Friday, November 7, 2008

How to keep Christmas from being overwhelming

The holiday season demands a lot from people. You're supposed to be having fun, but usually you are just stuck in traffic as you rush to buy last minute gifts and get to a party on time.

To avoid holiday stress I recommend planning instead of procrastination. Deciding how much you can spend on gifts, or if you can even buy gifts, and then sticking to a budget are the best ways to stay focused when shopping and prevent frustration and wasted time. I do the bulk of my shopping online, often with the aid of print catalogs. I try to decide what I'm buying for people by Thanksgiving and then place my orders by the end of November. This saves me having to fight the crowds and traffic, which form a black hole from which holiday cheer cannot escape. I just published all my top tips for easy Christmas shopping at the website Gifts of the Season.

If you do not want to do any gift shopping, but can handle a trip or two to a grocery store, I recommend baking Christmas cookies to give to friends, relatives, and neighbors. The cost is modest, and people love cookies.

At my Christmas website you can find these easy Christmas cookie recipes:

Basic Christmas cookie dough
Lemon snowflake cookies
Peanut butter thumbprint kiss cookies

Don't dread the holidays or let the season's many pressures get you down. Eat some cookies and worry about your diet with the New Year.