Sunday, November 30, 2008

New at The Fantasy Tavern: Free short story Challenging Lessons

If you were the protege of evil, at what point do you think you would realize it?

In my short fantasy story Challenging Lessons I explore the concept of such a turning point. This short story portrays an episode of back story from The Rys Chronicles epic fantasy series. In those novels, the rys are a long-lived magical race, and two of the main characters, Shan and Onja, are shown in Challenging Lessons during a crucial time four hundred years prior to the events in my novels. The short story provides an in depth glimpse into these characters and shows how Shan chose between the paths of evil or good and the consequences of that choice.

I wrote this story after completing the novels, so the Shan and Onja in the short story were coming through me as fully developed characters that I knew well and had written about for years. Challenging Lessons came about in 2005 a year after the birth of my first child as I was getting my brain back in shape for fiction writing. I used to offer this story as a free download at Brave Luck Books (TM) but I'm on the verge of overhauling that whole website, and I decided to relocate Challenging Lessons to the Fantasy Tavern where it can be read online in its entirety. No downloading necessary. Just go read at your leisure. Please visit and bookmark my free fantasy short story.