Thursday, November 6, 2008

Organic dog flea collar made with essential oils

Your pets might want to go green too. What environmentally minded dog or cat wants a flea collar laden with toxic chemicals? Fortunately an organic and nice smelling solution for flea control exists. I discovered it today while flipping through A Slice of Organic Life edited by Sheherazade Goldsmith.

On page 70, you'll find a recipe for an herbal flea collar.

You will need:

One soft felt or fabric collar

Soak the flea collar in a mixture of:

2 teaspoons pure alcohol
1 tablespoon rosemary essential oil
1 tablespoon lemon verbena essential oil
1 tablespoon lavender essential oil
Oil from 4 garlic capsules

Once the collar is thoroughly saturated, dry it and put it on your pet. It's supposed to last for one month.

As a dog owner, I found this recipe exciting because I've always been troubled by the chemical flea treatments for pets. I publish more dog health information at my website Dogs - Easy to Spoil where the articles can help you spot symptoms of pain and illness in dogs, identify and solve dog allergies, and learn about foods that dogs should avoid. You might be surprised by a couple of them.