Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I was a good global warming gal today

Having posted yesterday about the benefits of LED Christmas lights, I actually went out and bought some. I had already bought a string of orange LED lights for Halloween, so I was aware of their quality and attractiveness, but the Christmas ones were beautiful, particularly the blue and clear snowflake lights. They are so bright, it is hard to believe how little energy they use. The box of Sylvania LED lights claims that the bulbs will last for 50,000 hours.

LED lights are good because the lower energy use translates into using less power that is generally the result of burning coal - one of the major nasty fossil fuels that spew carbon dioxide and cause global warming.

I was especially echo-friendly today because I rode my bike to the store to buy the LED lights. I was filled with a vast sense of superiority.

Of course, my little trip to the store is insignificant compared to the vast pollution problem that is causing global warming, but as an individual I can hope that my little things will add up. To update your daily life with energy reduction lifestyle choices, please visit my global warming website.