Monday, December 8, 2008

Joy to the world my website is done

The revamping of my Brave Luck Books website is finished after about a week of intensive labor. I posted all the shiny new pages online today and am quite satisfied with the results. The old version of the website was nice, but it was cramming too much information into the space. The latest version I believe is much easier on the eye, allowing visitors to peruse what I've got to offer without having their attention jerked around.

When making a website it is always a challenge to deliver information in a comprehensible and logical manner that will encourage a visitor to stay and ultimately take an action, like download my ebook, bookmark my website, or buy something. A web designer always has so much to present and wants to get it out there all at once, but in reality one has to pick and choose and make priorities. For my latest website redesign I really tried to apply the approach of meeting the needs of the visitor, which I'm hoping is the desire to learn something about my fantasy series because he or she wants to read fantasy books or ebooks. If I can effectively communicate to such a person, then I just might meet those needs.

When designing communications it is always hard to act as the creator of the message while trying to imagine how the receiver of the message will perceive it or if he or she will even understand it. In the book "Made to Stick" the author described this as the curse of knowledge because it is hard to escape your intimate understanding of a subject and explain it to someone who knows nothing or little about it.

Ultimately, even if I get the message right, no website is ever perfect. I don't know if anyone can design something that will be clear to every user and present the information in the best order. At this time, I will just have to be satisfied. My old website was good and the new one is better. It is most certainly done, and I can move on to other projects, like getting back to work on my novel.

To get to know about novels I've already written please visit Brave Luck Books. It's New and Improved! Now 48 percent more comprehensible.