Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Three new free tattoo designs at Destination Tattoo

Today I added some more images to my directory of free tattoo designs. I've spent the last year slowly building the website Destination Tattoo and have been pleased with the results. It gets consistent and growing traffic and makes a little money from advertising every day. Keywords associated with tattoos are fairly low rent, but they come through for me every day. Every once in a while I get a surprisingly high share from Google for an ad. I suspect those come from the article at the website about tattoo removal because that is very expensive.

Speaking of tattoo removal, the marijuana pot leaf tattoo design that I added today will likely result in regret down the road for some people. I could not resist adding it. I'm curious to see if it will be a good page for attracting search traffic.

The other two designs I added are of a more innocent variety:

Daisy flower tattoo
Hibiscus flower tattoo

So, this month's update was inspired by the plant kingdom.