Monday, February 2, 2009

My decision against selling ebooks at the Amazon Kindle store

Today I had the honor of having an article published at Teleread on the subject of why I do NOT sell my ebooks through Amazon. Teleread is a blog that promotes digital reading and follows ebook technology and the publishing industry. I was quite thrilled to have my article accepted.

The specifics of why I've decided against entering my titles in the Amazon ebook system are covered at the Teleread article Why I haven't added my ebooks to the Kindle Store. In brief, the sales terms offered by Amazon were woefully inadequate. It's just not in my nature to give someone a 65 percent cut.

However, I think that Amazon is a good company and I've been satisfied by it as a customer and as a paper book vendor, but Amazon is failing to tempt me into their ebook marketplace. This does not mean that my ebooks are not available to Kindle users. The Kindle is a decent ebook reading device and it can display ebooks in an unencrypted Mobipocket format. All but one of my titles are available in the Mobipocket format.

Perhaps as the Amazon ebook venue evolves, I might choose to participate some day if the terms cease to be predatory, but until then I'll just have to market myself one precious visitor at a time to Falbe Publishing or Brave Luck Books (TM).