Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Read Chapter 1 - In the Service of the Empire from fantasy book

At Brave Luck Books (TM) I just added an excerpt from my fantasy book Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I. It is Chapter 1 - In the Service of the Empire. I have set it up as a webpage prepared for easy printing. I realize that many people are not interested in reading anything longer than a page or two on a computer screen, so now visitors can print out the chapter and read it comfortably.

It occured to me that I should add the printable chapter because my ebook sales do considerably better than my print book sales. I had always attributed this to the fact that I give away the first book in my fantasy series for free as an ebook. Therefore, people who like ebooks can discover my writing for free, and if they like my work, come back and buy the rest of the series.

I tried to adapt this marketing to my print books by offering the first book for $1 plus shipping, which is a low barrier to entry, but still not free. However, the costs associated with manufacturing and shipping require that I charge something for sending out a physical book. But this approach was not matching the marketing results for the ebooks. I'm hoping to alleviate this disparity by providing a printable excerpt for people who like to read from paper.

I know that some fantasy readers are happy to consume the whole series once they can decide if they like my writing. This system works effectively with the ebook audience, but print readers are harder to reach. They need to be reassured about the quality of the product before making a purchase. Initially, I assumed that the free ebook version would accomplish this necessary accessibility, but if a person is not interested in ebooks, then he or she might not take the step of downloading the ebook version even for the purpose of sampling a portion of it. So, perhaps the option to easily print a chapter without any downloading necessary will help book readers give my fantasy fiction a chance.

Go to Chapter 1 - In the Service of the Empire.