Friday, February 13, 2009

Recommended sources of royalty free stock music and photos

I know that when I put together some book trailers for The Rys Chronicles a year ago, I had to shop around for a decent and affordable source of stock music for the video soundtrack. Prices really vary, but the company I ended up buying from was This place has a tremendous selection of music tracks and sound effects. I also found their categories very helpful. They had a whole category specifically for fantasy and science fiction style epic soundtracks.

What royalty free means is that you pay one price for use of the music or sound in your video productions but you do not have to pay any ongoing royalties as you distribute your video that contains the music. This is a perfect arrangement for promotional videos and advertisements that generate revenue indirectly.

Now I know some people would just use any music they wanted to make a video and not give a thought to licensing. I suppose this is harmless if you are just making something for fun as a hobbyist, but any legitimate business person with commercial goals should do the right thing and properly license and attribute the copyrighted works used in producing promotional material. It could possibly save you a big legal headache. Because so many people need to promote themselves with multimedia there are many sources of affordable media. As I said, for quality and selection, I recommend for music and sound effects. And my favorite place for still photographs is This place is hands down the most affordable source of stock photos. It is even going to be adding stock video soon, so I can't wait for that to get going.

When I made the book trailers for my fantasy series, I learned many of the skills from reading articles online. That's why I am making this post about affordable stock music and photos to help other interested researchers surfing for information.