Sunday, February 15, 2009

Take a look at the new Kindle 2

The launch of the 2.0 version of the Kindle ebook reader from Amazon continues to arouse the attention of readers. This new version of the Kindle cures many of the "ugliness issues" that stuck to the old Kindle like old gum on a nice shoe. The new Kindle 2 is sleek and vastly more appealing. I personally reviewed the original version of the Kindle and found it to be a decent device. Reading on it is completely comfortable, but I did find its menus and navigation confusing. Because I have not had a chance to hold and see the new Kindle yet, I don't know if any of the user interface clumsiness that I perceived in the first model have been alleviated.

The real strength of the Kindle compared to other ebook readers is its wireless access to the largest content selection of books, newspapers, magazines, audio books, and blogs. Some people really like that wireless connectivity, and the ability to subscribe to some major newspapers in the Kindle grants a weak light of hope to the dying newspaper industry.

To help anyone interested in getting a look at the new Kindle 2, I nabbed this video on YouTube from Cnet that also includes a quick little interview with Stephen King. I very much agree with his comments about books and ebooks. Some people like to stir up a books versus ebooks battle, but King sums up my outlook when he says that it is the story or content that counts and the way of accessing it is secondary.