Friday, March 20, 2009

Am I becoming a Hillbilly Housewife?

I just might be well on my way to earning the designation Hillbilly Housewife. I'm not married to a hillbilly or a house, but today I did become a guest writer at the blog of

I will be writing guest posts about home canning. My first one was posted today. Here's the headline with the link:

Home Canning - Good Eatin' from the Old Timers' Pantry

As time allows, I will be contributing regular posts, at least through the growing season, about how to preserve food with home canning.

The opportunity to be a guest blogger came from being listed as a resource at This service is just getting off the ground, but it is a great concept. People running blogs can go there to pick up free content for their blogs and connect with people like me that are listed as willing to contribute to blogs on certain subjects and be available for interviews as well.

Because I am fast becoming on expert on home canning, I listed it as one of the subjects I could write about and therefore was contacted by I'm looking forward to being a contributor to this blog. It is nice to get recognition and it allows me to promote my own website about home canning.