Monday, March 23, 2009

I finished writing a novel last night

Now that's something a person can't say every day. I am currently working on a new fantasy series that I anticipate to be four novels, which means I'm halfway done. I've been fussing and frowning over the last 30 pages of the novel I just finished for weeks. Ends are about the hardest part of writing a novel in my opinion. Loose ends need to be tied up while still keeping the drama and the action flowing and interesting. And because this novel is part of the series, I have to tie up loose ends while sowing seeds of the continuing story to make readers want to progress to the next book. That combination of tasks is quite hard. I can't say that I have it right yet on the novel I just finished, but I have a good draft and with subsequent edits and re-writes I'll get it polished.

When I write a fantasy series, I try to make each novel have its own story arc while contributing to the overall story of the series. This way each novel has a beginning, middle, and end, but as a unit it is contributing to a larger whole. Some fantasy series tend to always be building up to a BIG THING without ever having much happen, so I work to avoid that problem. I build up to the big thing while having big things happening.

Before plunging into the third novel, I'll be taking a step back and giving the first and second novels a good editing.

Because I won't have my new series done for a couple years yet, fantasy readers interested in testing out a new series, can read The Rys Chronicles, which is completely published. You can start reading Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I for free in ebook form or pick up the paperback for $1 plus shipping. Please go to Brave Luck Books (TM) to discover an epic fantasy from an independent writer.