Sunday, March 1, 2009

Recipe River overflowing with good cooking ideas

Since launching my recipe collection website in late January I have been working hard to add more recipes. Today I published five new recipes and I think I was really thinking spring when I selected them.

There's the new recipe for asparagus soup. This green vegetable that I like to refer to as "witches fingers" is already coming into season in the warmer zones of the country. With asparagus shooting up, strawberries are not far behind and I put together a page with 3 ways to use strawberries. The recipes are for spreads and toppings.

Then, I was actually daring to think about summer. Barbeque season is beckoning, and I plan on trying this recipe for grilled pork with apricot mustard glaze. Pork on the barbeque is just divine. Summer also means tomatoes! So, I posted a decent salsa recipe because that is one of the best ways to gobble fresh vegetables. I'll admit eating vegetables is hard for me, but even I like salsa.

The fifth recipe I added was for crunchy tropical chicken. I don't think it has any seasonal association, but it certainly sounded good.

I created Recipe River as a resource to promote home cooking because preparing your own food is far healthier than relying on restaurants and processed food products.