Saturday, April 11, 2009

Science fiction readers and writers have a new site to check out on April 15th

A few days ago I received an email out of the blue informing me of the upcoming launch of a new science fiction and fantasy online magazine called Kalkion. There is not much at the website right now except for a video teaser trailer, but presumably starting April 15th, the rest of the website will be published.

The email I received stated that Kalkion was open for submission from new and established ficiton writers. There was also a stated interest in submission of articles and reviews about topics such as science fiction and fantasy writing, conventions, and other events.

The purpose of Kalkion is supposed to be to create an online community where writers get feedback from readers and both sides can benefit from an interactive online discussion.

For science fiction and fantasy writers looking for their first breaks, they should bookmark Kalkion and find out more about submitting their writing once the site goes live.