Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Women Biz Owner Radio interviewed me about making money with my novels

I had the pleasure last week of giving an interview for WBO online talk radio about how I make money selling my novels online, mostly as ebooks. I talked about internet marketing and my process for developing my ebooks and bringing them to market. Of course this remains an ongoing journey for me, and I'm still learning but I think that my interview will give people thinking about writing a book and/or ebook some good take-away advice about how to go about it and market themselves online.

Thank you to Jylian who interviewed me and Altha the program coordinator who put together the show. I am flattered that I was selected for your show. WBO has lots of good interviews from all kinds of interesting people if you go through their other episodes.

Anyone else interested in interviewing me on the subject of ebooks, self publishing, and/or fantasy writing can contact me at Falbe Publishing.

You can listen to my WBO interview at this link:

Novelist Builds Online Income with Publishing