Monday, June 29, 2009

The Book Faery Reviews published my article about writing fiction

Farrah Kennedy at the Book Faery Reviews invited me to write an article about writing fiction, and it was published at her website this morning.

The Challenges and Rewards of Writing Fiction

The Book Faery Reviews provides opinions about a variety of books instead of focusing on a certain genre. Kennedy also includes author interviews and articles written by contributors. It is a very nice website that readers should regularly surf by so they can find new books to read.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting back to business

After my big move from California to Michigan, I am slowly getting back on track running Falbe Publishing. This morning, I updated my address throughout the Brave Luck Books (TM) site to say Albion, Michigan instead of Chico, California. Thanks to the find and replace function within my web publishing software this task was not a big headache.

While I was offline a lot during the move, I had a sale over at Smashwords. It was nice to see some action out of that marketplace, which I am hoping will take off with readers eventually. It offers ebook readers plenty of formats and all without DRM, which I know annoys many ebook enthusiasts.

I see on my blog here that I will have to work on getting a new photo. I suppose the one of me basking in the California sun is no longer current. Now I'm sticky in the Midwest humidity. Maybe I'll wait until winter to get a photo of me trying to cope with the Great White North after 14 years of a zero-snow lifestyle.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My epic fantasy books now available at

I discovered a new book marketplace for self published authors. It's at that is branding itself as a source for books from independent authors. Jexbo offers a good deal for writers seeking affordable marketplaces to list their books. The listing fee is 99 cents per book per month. When a sale is made, Jexbo takes a 5 percent commission.

Because I am seeking new marketing outlets for my fantasy books, I decided to sign up at Jexbo today and all four of my fantasy novels are now listed there.

The first book Union of Renegades is listed at its promotional price of $1 plus shipping and then the remaining three novels of my fantasy series are priced at $9.95 each, which includes shipping.

I'm excited to see market venues such as Jexbo popping up that are specifically meant to service indepedent writers like myself. They distinguish themselves with reasonable listing costs that allow smallscale sellers to make a profit, unlike the big-time marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay that take huge cuts. With the growing amount of writers out there who are taking their creations direct to readers, I am hopeful about these independently oriented marketplaces that are seeking to inform readers about their reading options outside the mainstream cookie-cutter products from the big publishing houses.

See my fantasy books at Jexbo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Winding down from the big move across the country

After fourteen years living in the Western United States, I'm once again living in the Eastern Time Zone. To be closer to family, my husband and I have moved back to our native Michigan. My two years in Nevada and twelve years in California have reshaped my outlook and character substantially, so I now feel somewhat foreign in the land of my birth.

For now my family and I are in a rental house in Albion until we can find a home closer to my husband's new job. Albion is a very small town, especially compared to the densely populated environments I've been living in since 1995. Albion is so quiet it's creepy. At times, the place strikes me as a fake town where a nuclear test blast is about to happen. The utter inactivity of the place blows my mind, and I assure you that Albion has never before blown anybody's mind. I'm not really complaining about the peace and quiet. It is just a shock. For the last eight years I've been living on a busy road next to a fire station and was fine with it. However, the permanent trance that is Albion did allow me to have a very enjoyable bike ride the other morning. I'm used to navigating thick traffic on a bicycle and basically accepting that I could die at any moment, but I went all over Albion and was only passed by three cars.

Right now I'm homesick for California. It was hard to walk away from my gardens and fruit trees and the native oaks that I had watched grow since they first sprouted from my yard and I made sure they did not get mowed. I still love California, but it was time for a change.

In addition to coping with the culture shock of being back in the Midwest, I'm recuperating from a whirlwind cross country move with the family. The experience was wholly unpleasant and our lives are basically in severe disarray. I still have not found a box with my shoes in it so I've only had the pair on my feet for the past two weeks. Despite the chaos, I am getting my publishing business back up and running. That's a nice thing about a home based internet business. You can take it with you.

Over the summer I'm hoping to regain a routine and most importantly get back to my fiction writing. Before all the drama of moving across the country started I was on the verge of starting the third novel in the new series I'm working on. After all the adventure I've just gone through, I'm ready for the therapy of writing fictional epic fantasy.