Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting back to business

After my big move from California to Michigan, I am slowly getting back on track running Falbe Publishing. This morning, I updated my address throughout the Brave Luck Books (TM) site to say Albion, Michigan instead of Chico, California. Thanks to the find and replace function within my web publishing software this task was not a big headache.

While I was offline a lot during the move, I had a sale over at Smashwords. It was nice to see some action out of that marketplace, which I am hoping will take off with readers eventually. It offers ebook readers plenty of formats and all without DRM, which I know annoys many ebook enthusiasts.

I see on my blog here that I will have to work on getting a new photo. I suppose the one of me basking in the California sun is no longer current. Now I'm sticky in the Midwest humidity. Maybe I'll wait until winter to get a photo of me trying to cope with the Great White North after 14 years of a zero-snow lifestyle.