Thursday, June 18, 2009

My epic fantasy books now available at

I discovered a new book marketplace for self published authors. It's at that is branding itself as a source for books from independent authors. Jexbo offers a good deal for writers seeking affordable marketplaces to list their books. The listing fee is 99 cents per book per month. When a sale is made, Jexbo takes a 5 percent commission.

Because I am seeking new marketing outlets for my fantasy books, I decided to sign up at Jexbo today and all four of my fantasy novels are now listed there.

The first book Union of Renegades is listed at its promotional price of $1 plus shipping and then the remaining three novels of my fantasy series are priced at $9.95 each, which includes shipping.

I'm excited to see market venues such as Jexbo popping up that are specifically meant to service indepedent writers like myself. They distinguish themselves with reasonable listing costs that allow smallscale sellers to make a profit, unlike the big-time marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay that take huge cuts. With the growing amount of writers out there who are taking their creations direct to readers, I am hopeful about these independently oriented marketplaces that are seeking to inform readers about their reading options outside the mainstream cookie-cutter products from the big publishing houses.

See my fantasy books at Jexbo.