Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ebooks help bored office workers pass the time

Cubicle inmates around the world struggle with the constant temptation to surf the internet. Their jobs call for them to sit in front of a computer and labor over mind numbing busy work that matters to the workings of the universe not at all. This situation creates the perfect opportunity to silently open a browser window and amuse yourself with the dizzying infinity that is online content. This is great except most websites with their pictures, videos, and advertisements are easily spotted on your computer screen from a distance as evidence of slacking.

To avoid such obvious guilt but still amuse or educate yourself, you can read ebooks at work because they generally only display text on the screen. Passing managers can assume that you are pouring over contracts, software manuals, or some other work related sleep-inducing document. They do not have to know that you are actually reading a novel! To be safe, it is best to keep one of those work documents open alongside the ebook so you can easily switch to it when someone who has the power to fire you walks up.

Office workers can even get around download restrictions on their work computers and enjoy ebooks. This can be accomplished by downloading something on a home computer, saving it to a disk or memory card, and then opening it on the work computer. Ebooks are often available in typical formats like Adobe PDF, HTML, or plain text that most computers already are able to read. And many people who work at only loosely monitored job sites are freely able to download directly to their work computers.

As an author and ebook seller, I know firsthand that people have read my novels at work. I've received comments from people telling me that my fantasy series The Rys Chronicles helped them get through long boring days at work.

For example, J.P. of the United States recently wrote me to say:

"Thanks for your books. They keep me occupied at my desk at work!"

I'd like to add that not only desperate captives enjoy my novels, but I am glad to have eased the boredom of those trapped in the pursuit of paychecks without stimulation.

If you're tired of looking over your shoulder at work to make sure no one realizes your studying personal ads on Craigslist, try reading a novel instead. To download my fantasy novel Union of Renegades for free go to Brave Luck Books.