Monday, August 3, 2009

Falbe Publishing titles now available at

The document sharing website Scribd has expanded to include a store where publishers can sell their books in digital format. Scribd has a huge selection of content, and much of it is free. The content ranges from recipes, academic works, government reports, to commercial fiction. Anyone can join Scribd and add documents to the system. The site also makes it easy to share documents or ebooks with other people.
At this point I have added my epic fantasy series The Rys Chronicles to Scribd. This first book in the series Union of Renegades is free and then the remaining three novels are $4.95 each just the same as my Brave Luck Books website.

Scribd gives sellers a decent 80 percent share of ebook sales minus some processing fees. Because of this arrangement I chose to include my titles. I will soon be adding my nonfiction book Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun to the system in order to expand its sales reach. After that I have a couple small documents that I will add and make available for free.

I'm glad to see venues like this opening up that do not discriminate against content creators outside the big publishing industry. I hope this site gains in popularity. Its still developing because I think that it is actually a fairly new venture, but it works smoothly and comes across as relatively user friendly. Despite its weird name, I think it has a chance of becoming a major focal point in the changing publishing landscape.

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