Friday, October 30, 2009

Adding EPUB format to most of my ebook catalog

I've begun the slow process of adding the ebook format known as epub to my catalog. For years I have been selling ebooks in multiple formats, and I have decided that the time has come to add another one to the mix.

The epub format has been developed in the attempt to offer the publishing industry a standard format for presenting digital reading materials. This is a great idea but I took a wait and see approach over the past year to see if the format actually emerged as a standard. Having watched more and more ebook reading devices add support for the epub format recently, I thought it would be reasonable to start offering more titles in this format.

A standard ebook format that can be read on a variety of devices has appeal to people because they would be better able to preserve their digital libraries even if they bought a new reading device. (This usually only works as long as the ebook file is not restricted with digital rights management.) Some people also read on more than one device, so they would like to buy an ebook that can be loaded to both devices.

The majority of dedicated ebook reading devices now work with the epub format, with the notable exception of Kindle from Amazon. A popular reading application for the iPhone called Stanza also loads epub format ebooks.

Until today, the only titles I offered in epub were the four novels of my original fantasy series The Rys Chronicles, but today, I added an epub option to The Art of War by Sun Tzu. As the weeks go on, I'll peck away at the rest of my catalog and add the epub option to other titles.