Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finally finished my website remodel

Today I uploaded the new and improved pages for my main website where I sell books and ebooks. I'm very happy with how it turned out and that it is finished. I've been wanting to clean up the Falbe Publishing and Brave Luck Books TM websites and cull old content all year, but all the moving I've done over the summer really put the project on hold. Overall, my dear little business has been outright neglected for months, but I'm settled again and getting back in gear. Sales have been trickling in all these months, but it's time to start advertising again and get some action going. The winter months are usually good to me, so hopefully a better presentation will make a big difference in sales. Recession be damned. I offer affordable entertainment.

My completion of this project just makes me want to sing, but a little blog post will have to suffice because shouting out the door "My website is done!" would likely give my new neighbors the wrong impression.

Visit the splendidly renewed Falbe Publishing or Brave Luck Books TM. I'm going to go work on a new novel.