Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free fantasy ebook available to read on iPhone and iPod Touch

As a writer serving the digital marketplace, I seek to deliver my novels in as many popular ebook formats as possible. This is actually a rather onerous task, but I hate the thought of people wishing to read my work but not having a file available that will work on the platforms they like to use. When I heard that the iPhone was actually being used to read ebooks, I was quite keen to make my novels available for this device.

The publishing company Smashwords came to my rescue. Writers who sign up to include their works in the Smashwords catalog are automatically added to the ebook catalog for the Stanza ebook reading application for the iPhone or iPod touch. The Stanza reader has proven very popular and the application is well reviewed.

The first novel in my epic fantasy series "Union of Renegades" is totally free and people who like to read ebooks on their iPhone can access it for free through Stanza. Look for "Union of Renegades" by Tracy Falbe in the Smashwords catalog within the Stanza application.

Some people might wonder why people want to read ebooks on their cell phones. The answer is that having access to ebooks within the cell phone lets people have some handy entertainment in all kinds of places, especially when they are stuck waiting somewhere. An ebook on a cell phone certainly beats the germ-infested magazines at the doctor's waiting room.

For iPhone and iPod Touch owners who already have an ebook reading application loaded, they can download my fantasy novel directly from Brave Luck Books and add it to their reading collection.