Saturday, November 28, 2009

The weak U.S. dollar and ebooks equal a good deal for readers outside United States

Over the past month I've noticed an increase in customers for my ebooks from outside the United States. When this happens, I know that the U.S. dollar is weak. When its value dips I often get a little spurt of international buyers for my ebooks. This greater attention from people outside the United States might also be caused by the increased availability of ebook reading devices around the world. This is all a happy combination for me. I know that people from all over the world download the first book in my epic fantasy series The Rys Chronicles, and I'm pleased that some of them choose to come back and buy the rest. And if the weak dollar enables them to do so affordably, that's great.

I checked some of the currency exchanges today (November 28, 2009). If someone bought the complete series of The Rys Chronicles as 4 ebooks, which are a total of $14.85 U.S., here are today's equivalents in other major currencies:

9.92 Euros
9.02 UK Pounds
15.78 Canadian dollars
16.36 Australian dollars

My ebooks are also easy for people in Europe, North America, Australia, and parts of East Asia to buy. My payment processor PayPal handles 18 currencies right now, and I also know that people outside the United States are sometimes disappointed with the ebooks available to them in their countries. Antiquated publishing models with the major publishers usually place territorial restrictions on titles. This makes sense for printed books because each country can be its own market and each title can be licensed to each market, but for digital ebooks, territorial restrictions don't make sense and annoy readers. If someone finds an ebook on the internet and can't buy it because the retailer is honoring publisher-imposed territorial restrictions, it is impossible for the reader to grasp why they aren't allowed to spend money on a product visible on his or her computer screen.

Fortunately, independent authors like me will sell to anyone who can send a payment through PayPal. I hold all rights to my work and I do not have any territorial restrictions on my novels. I'm open for business whether you are in the United States or not.

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