Friday, December 18, 2009

My fantasy ebooks are now available at

Mainstream exposure to readers has been the elusive holy grail for me as I've marketed my fantasy series the past four years. But thanks to my novels are now being distributed as ebooks to some major online retailers with being the first to have successfully added my novels to its digital inventory.

Now fantasy readers who like to shop the Barnes & Noble website will have the chance to notice my work. Just like at my website the first book in The Rys Chronicles epic fantasy series, Union of Renegades is free through B&N. And then the three subsequent novels in the series are $4.95 each. Of course I greatly prefer for readers to purchase directly from my website at because then I don't have to pay a distributor and a retailer, but it remains important for me to be available through a mainstream ebook retailer. Readers shop at major online retailers and only the lucky few stumble upon my little website, so I'm hoping to gradually gain some traction with the fantasy reading public. I must admit to being a little excited even if I doubt that sales at B&N where I'm buried amid thousands of other titles will exceed what I move through my website, but time will tell.

For Barnes & Noble customers seeking a good fantasy series, here are the links to my novels.

Union of Renegades
The Goddess Queen
Judgment Rising
The Borderlands of Power

To read Barnes & Noble ebooks, its customers need to download an eReader application for their particular devices, like iPhone, Blackberry, PC, Mac, or the Nook.