Friday, January 22, 2010

Promoting fiction with a web novel in blog format

Some fiction writers cultivate a following of readers by publishing their work as online serials, web novels, or blog novels. Common web publishing tools like RSS feeds and email subscriptions help readers stay connected and follow the stories. This web fiction scene is especially popular with graphic novels.

Because I already give away in ebook formats the first novel of my fantasy series, I decided to set up a web fantasy novel at the Wordpress publishing system. This should increase my exposure to potential fantasy readers and provide people an easy way to read the novel online.

I will be adding chapters every Tuesday and Thursday until all forty chapters of Union of Renegades are posted. Enthusiasts of web fiction can start reading at

Additionally, I have included a page at this new web novel blog for other web fiction writers to promote their online serials, graphic novels, and web novels. Writers can add links and descriptions of their fiction at the More Web Fiction page through the comment system.