Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fantasy web novel updated

This morning I added Chapter 7 Partnership to my web novel version of the epic fantasy Union of Renegades. I've been enjoying expanding success with the ebook versions of my fantasy novels, and I'm eager to see if the chapter-by-chapter blog style presentation of the first book in my epic fantasy series catches on. I realize that some people like to read web fiction instead of downloading ebooks. These readers might be in situations where downloading is not a good idea, like on a work or school computer. Also people reading on their cell phones will not necessarily want to load a file.

Since I started this web fiction experiment I've been impressed with the caliber and amount of web fiction being published. At my web novel blog I include a page where other online authors can promote their web fiction. The comments from these writers are starting to pour in and all the stories look interesting, exciting, creative, and well presented.

To start reading Union of Renegades online go to the Chapter 1 page.

If you are a web fiction author be sure to click on the page for More Web Fiction so you can describe your work and add a link to it.