Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get in the mood for Valentine's Day with erotic ebooks

The need for romance, love, or just some simple hooking up get people interested in Valentine's Day. This charming holiday spices up the dreariness of late winter, when, on an animal level, we naturally start thinking about finding a mate for spring.

Enticing another person to fall under the spell of your sexy worthiness is not always easy, and the famous exploration of the sex lives of ancient Hindus, the Kama Sutra, recommends this love potion:

If a man mixes the powder of the milk hedge plant, and the kantaka plant with the excrement of a monkey, and the powdered root of the lanjalalika plant, and throws this mixture on a woman, she will not love any body else afterwards.

I think you will agree that chocolate will serve as a far more acceptable offering to your lover. Although the Kama Sutra is generally marketed as a sex manual, it is mostly interesting in an anthropological albeit titillating fashion as it explains the sexual habits of an ancient culture, including fascinating and stimulating descriptions of what goes on in a harem. Reading the Kama Sutra will definitely give you some interesting conversation starters while you're on that Valentine's date.

If you have no Valentine's Day lover, then you can definitely soothe your loneliness with the Memoirs of Fanny Hill. This undeniably erotic tale of a poor country girl learning about her body and how to make a living in the big city will excite any reader. You'll hardly believe that it was written in 1748, but sex is hardly a new invention.

Celebrating Valentine's Day hardly needs to be restricted to one day. Invite some more pleasure into your life with erotic reading. Melt off the winter chill and warm your passions with the Kama Sutra ebook or Fanny Hill ebook.