Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Read an ebook week encourages readers to try the digital experience

I know from conversations with readers over the years that many people outright reject the concept of an ebook because they can't stand the thought of reading a novel on their computer. But ebooks are not solely about reading a novel on a desktop computer. There are many more comfortable options like: dedicated e-ink devices, smart phones, PDAs, and laptop computers.

To encourage people to poke their noses outside their personal comfort zones and try something new, award-winning author Rita Y. Toews administers Read an Ebook Week to promote the digital reading experience. Many individuals and companies involved in electronic publishing and distribution are supporters of the promotional event.

Increasing numbers of readers are discovering ebooks and adding electronic reading to their media choices. Ebooks offer many conveniences with the two most often cited being relief from carrying around multiple books and removing the need to store physical books in small apartments, dorms, or homes.

Read an Ebook week is March 7th through the 13th. Click the banner to visit the official site and learn more about reading ebooks.

And to conclude, some people do read whole novels on their computers. I've been exploring the web fiction scene and discovering the many fine writers putting their creative stories on the web. I created a web novel version of Union of Renegades where I'm publishing it chapter by chapter to reach out to people who like web fiction.