Monday, March 8, 2010

The big list of where to download my fantasy novel for free

The official Read an Ebook Week began March 7th and many ebooks are free this week to inspire people to try digital reading. Free is a great starting point when you are curious about a new thing, and that's why the first novel in my fantasy series has always been free in ebook form so readers can check out my work and hopefully discover a fantasy series that they can enjoy.

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I is free at...

Brave Luck Books - This is my website for marketing my fantasy fiction. I offer my fantasy novels in 7 digital formats, including the increasingly popular epub. (downloaded 763 times so far) (downloaded 1002 times so far)

Feedbooks (downloads so far 1774)

Fantasy web fiction - This is my new wordpress blog where I am publishing all of Union of Renegades online in a serial blog format.

Kobobooks - An ebook store specializing in downloading ebooks to smart phones as well as for computers and dedicated ebook readers.

Barnes and Noble - My novel only has a 3 star rating here, but if you look closer at the detailed ratings you'll find that B&N lets people rank in very specific categories and I rank 4 or 5 in escapism, dramatic, thrilling, originality, and writing style.