Thursday, May 6, 2010

New fantasy novel on Wattpad: Union of Renegades

I joined yesterday and added my free fantasy ebook Union of Renegades to its system. This site is a popular worldwide ebook community. Readers browse ebooks through the website, but Wattpad's primary appeal is its extensive content for mobile devices. Wattpad has ebook reading applications for almost any mobile device, including Apple's iPhone and iPad, plus Android, Blackberry, and others.

In this age of the text message and tweet, it may be surprising that people are actually reading longer works on mobile devices, but it makes sense. Some people choose to read on their mobile phones instead of investing in a dedicated ebook reader. Having access to novels through a mobile phone is handy, especially when stuck in a waiting room.

Even if a person does not read a whole novel on a mobile device, the platform still provides a convenient way to peruse new fiction and find works that a person might download later as an ebook or obtain as a book.

To view my fantasy novel at Wattpad use this link:

If you want the mobile applications, go to and select the one that matches your device.

If you already use a Wattpad mobile application, use code 391404 to go directly to Union of Renegades.

Mobile users can also find my fantasy series through Stanza and the iBookstore for iPad.