Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alas, I am being thrust into the market for a new ebook reader

My beloved Sony PRS 505 ebook reader that I purchased in July 2008 appears to have had a stroke. I think its issues are battery related. This ebook reader has always had very good battery life, allowing me to read for 1 or 2 weeks between charges, but now I can't even turn it on.

The trouble with my Sony PRS 505 started last week when I wanted to add a new ebook. I connected it to my computer with the USB cord, but the ebook management software gave me an error instead of displaying a successful connection with the device. Then, my ebook reader was totally out of power and would not turn on. So, I charged it and tried again, and it was back to normal.

Yesterday when I connected it to my computer the same problem emerged. So, I tried charging the ebook reader again, but now it will not turn on at all. I suspect that it is unable to take any charge through either the USB cord or the DC power cord.

I have always loved my Sony 505 ebook reader, so its apparent coma (I'm still in denial about its actual death) leaves me befuddled. I looked into the Sony repair service, and my 2-year-old 505 does qualify for an exchange. For $99, I can turn in the broken one and receive a factory refurbished model. This is fairly tempting because $99 is at least half or a third of what a new ebook reader would cost from a variety of manufacturers. I'm curious about other models, like the Nook or Kindle. The newer models of Kindle are not nearly as ugly as the first model which looked like medical equipment. I have always adored my Sony ebook reader though. Its sleek styling and blissfully simple controls and navigation were instantly appealing. I also appreciate the range of electronic formats that I can load into it. I remain hesitant to buy a different type of ebook reader with wireless capability. I worry that the ease of shopping would cause unrestrained impulse buying.

I will spend a couple more days fiddling with the lifeless body of my Sony 505 before deciding what to do. Spend the $99 and get a refurbished one? This option is affordable and has the added appeal of slowing the flow of electronic waste because it is recycling parts. Or, Spend about $300 and open myself up to many other new models on the market? This option is also tempting because I must admit that shopping for a new ebook reading gadget tickles my fancy. (Yes, the ladies love the gadgets too!) I'll do some poking around in the forums to find out what other people may have done when confronted with a perishing Sony 505.

Until then, my husband said I can use his 505, which I will gladly do. I'm really not fond of the idea of going completely back to paper books, especially for fiction reading, so I'm definitely sticking with ebook reading. It is so nice not to have paperbacks piling up around the house anymore.