Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sony's Reader Store now has The Rys Chronicles...almost

This has been the year in which I expand the availability of my fantasy novels. Through the distribution company Smashwords, my work has now been placed in the Reader Store for Sony. I'm very pleased to be in this marketplace, but apparently the first book in my series, which is free, was not listed at the store. Perhaps the Sony store is not accepting giveaways?

There are many places online to access the first novel in the series Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I. So, readers who happen to start my fantasy series do have the ability to purchase the rest of it at Sony.

Links to the rest of my fantasy series at Sony:

Book II - The Goddess Queen
Book III - Judgment Rising
Book IV - The Borderlands of Power

Of course, I expect it will be difficult for readers browsing at Sony's ebook store to discover my series because the first part is not available. This is disappointing for me. I'm not expecting a lot of sales from this outlet because of this serious omission.

Readers who would like to sample my fantasy fiction, can download Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I for free from my website. I have an LRF format or epub version that will work great on Sony products.

Also on the merchandising front, I see that the Search Inside the Book function is now working at my Amazon trade paperback listing for Union of Renegades. Preparing the files to send to Amazon was not difficult. I used the PDF file from the production of the paperback plus images of the front and back cover. Then I placed them in a zip folder and uploaded them to the Amazon system. I'll have to mark my calendar to get this done for my other books. The Search Inside the Book feature is supposed to help sales. It is one of those things I should have gotten done years ago when my novels were first published. Of course, back then I was working full time and had a tendency to be pregnant. I guess my schedule has finally opened a little...or at least becoming more flexible.