Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I found two new blogs for book readers

Hundreds of thousands of books are published every year. Finding the ones you actually want to read requires some media monitoring. Like many other readers, I find that following a few select media channels will expose me to a good variety of titles. For readers looking for some fresh blogs to follow and learn about new titles I recommend these two:

Smashwords Books Reviewed

This is a fairly new blog published by Neil Crabtree author of Believable Lies where he selects titles from to review or recommend. His purpose is to provide publicity to independent writers. This blog was recently added to the Kindle blog system. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Smashwords Books Reviewed. Neil asked me some probing questions and really made me dig a thing or two out of my memory. This blog focuses on ebook titles, but some of them will be available in print as well.

Daniel L. Carter

Daniel L. Carter is the author of The Unwanted, the first book in a planned science fiction trilogy. His blog however is becoming a hub of author interviews, blog features, and an all around great place to surf around checking out new books, both fiction and nonfiction. He invites book authors and bloggers to interview with him, which I of course indulged in. Daniel and I discussed my blog Her Ladyship's Quest today.

Last weekend I downloaded the sample of The Unwanted and had a chance to peek at a few pages. I really liked it and plan to load the rest of the sample onto my ebook reader. His writing has a smooth flow and I can sense how comfortable he is with his chosen medium.