Monday, October 4, 2010

Inspired by Celtic heroes, Chris Kelly takes to the indie publishing field

Author of the upcoming fantasy adventure Invictus: Matilda Raleigh, Chris Kelly proclaims that the fiction produced by Scathach Publishing gives readers entertainment that's not necessarily mass market. The name Scathach comes from warrior maiden of Celtic myth who instructed men in the martial arts and the "friendship of thighs" which is also good to know.

Fresh from the embraces of his shield "maiden" muse, Kelly is working to drum up interest in his upcoming novel.

From Kelly's blog Dun Scaith, he said of his fiction:
My books exist on the fringe, publishing the interesting things, the fantastic things, the edgy, passionate, gritty things that are just a little unmarketable for the mainstream publishers.
Kelly is conducting a blog tour through the independent writing and reading scene, and he will be writing a guest post for Her Ladyship's Quest on Thursday October 7th. He'll explain his sword and sorcery influences. As long as he does not conjure some sinister internet wyrm that crashes our computers, his guest post should be interesting. I'm looking forward to publishing my first guest blogger.

I read the previews that Kelly has offered of his upcoming novel and they proved to be immediately captivating and creative. Read previews from Invictus: Matilda Raleigh at Smashwords.