Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog tours welcome at Her Ladyship's Quest

Blog tours are a mainstay of online social media campaigns, and they have gained a new stop at Her Ladyship's Quest, the blog of fantasy author Tracy Falbe. Styled as a place to feature the new, the old, and the best of the overlooked, Falbe's blog is accepting submissions from authors, musicians, visual artists, journalists, and filmmakers organizing blog tours. People can pitch their ideas for guest posts, interviews, giveaways, excerpts, and samples.

Every post at every blog on a tour helps to boost online buzz. Falbe's blog was recently visited by the blog tour of Chris Kelly, author of Invictus: Matilda Raleigh, and she considered the experience a positive contribution to her blog.

"Like any blogger, I am always looking for ideas to write about, and blog tours provide a mutually beneficial way for me to find new media that I think is cool and help creatives get the word out. My blog is not just me talking about myself," Falbe said.

Her eclectic blog features both fiction and nonfiction. All genres are considered although there is an emphasis on fantasy. Falbe believes that her interests in history, archaeology, and Nature expressed at her blog complement her love of genre entertainment. Knowledge is a tributary to the river of imagination.

Reviews and interviews shape the core of the blog's content while articles and essays enliven the mix. Because this blog is not locked into rigid content guidelines, the opportunities to various content producers creating a blog tour are numerous. People needing to get their work featured online in as many places as possible can benefit from submitting their tour requests at this blog.

Although books, ebooks, and movies dominate most posts, Falbe is interested in branching out into coverage of other media like music, graphic novels, video gaming, and independent films (including documentaries) because the purpose of Her Ladyship's Quest is to travel the media landscape.

Falbe can be easily contacted with form on the blog tours page. Anyone organizing a blog tour should provide a brief description of the media being promoted, express posting ideas about the content, and be clear if any specific dates are needed for publicity purposes.

[This information was also distributed as a blog tours news release.]