Monday, November 1, 2010

New monthly giveaway drawings for fantasy readers

Looking for a lucky winner every month
As of today, I have started a new promotion at my fantasy fiction website Brave Luck Books (TM). I have always offered the first novel in my fantasy series The Rys Chronicles as a free download in multiple formats. Now, any person who joins my readers' list gains access to my free ebook AND is automatically entered in the current month's drawing.

What am I giving away?

For all entrants in November the prize is the full length novel The Jade Owl by Edward C. Patterson. The prize will be the ebook version in the format desired by the winner. After the drawing, I will purchase a copy of the novel and email it to the winner.

The Jade Owl gets consistently high ratings at retail and review sites and was a Finalist for the 2009 RAINBOW AWARDS.

About the novel:

In China they whisper about the Jade Owl and its awful power. This ancient stone, commissioned by the Empress Wu and crafted by a mineral charmer, long haunted the folk of the Middle Kingdom until it vanished into an enigma of legend and lore. Now the Jade Owl is found. It wakes to steal the day from day. Its power to enchant and distort rises again. Its horror is revealed to a band of five, who must return it to the Valley of the Dead before the laws of ch'i are set aside in favor of destruction's dance. Five China Hands, each drawn through time's thin fabric by the bird, discover enchantment on the secret garland. Five China Hands, and one holds the key to the world's fate. Five China Hands. Only one Jade Owl - but it's awake and in China, they whisper again. 

Find out more about prolific novelist Edward C. Patterson.

If you'd like to read my fantasy novel Union of Renegades and get a chance to win The Jade Owl, please enter the giveaway. No purchase is necessary.

My monthly drawings will always be giving away digital goods that I can award to a winner anywhere in the world. I know that I have readers in countries other than the United States, so providing digital prizes through my giveaway drawings allows me to be inclusive to an international audience.