Monday, December 6, 2010

Completed another stage of editing my newest fantasy novel

Sisyphus by Titian
Mythological king condemned for eternity to roll a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll down, and have to start over.
Tonight I finished entering another round of edits into the manuscript for my newest fantasy novel. I'm working on another fantasy quartet, and the first novel only needs one more round of editing before becoming publishable.

My editing process involves roughly three edits and/or rewrites that are accomplished by:

- Reading the draft of each chapter on paper and marking it with my corrections.
- Entering the corrections into the manuscript on the computer.
- Reading each chapter on the computer and doing some on-screen editing.
- Print and repeat.

I've now done this twice with the manuscript for Book I. For the third and final round of editing for the first novel, I will make a checklist of tasks and questions. The checklist will help me fine tune multiple issues like dialogue, character development, clarity, style issues, and wordiness as well as overall appeal.

While I've been doing all this editing, I've continued to write the series. I'm closing in on completing the third book. I've set the deadline of New Year's day for finishing the third novel. Some mildly serious family issues are interfering with this goal, but I'm trying to channel my stress into my art.

I actually enjoy editing my work. The process allows me to get out the small chisels and hammers after hauling the big blocks. I can edit a chapter in usually one or two hours. A typical chapter takes me about five to ten hours to initially draft. After three rounds of editing that total three to six hours of work, any chapter involves from eight to sixteen hours of effort in writing and editing.

Until I wrote the above estimations I never actually thought about how many hours go into creating each and every chapter of my novels. As you might surmise, I do not watch much television.

During Book I's next round of editing, I expect to finally figure out a title for it.

Until then I invite fantasy readers to try my already complete fantasy series The Rys Chronicles.

The first novel Union of Renegades can be downloaded for free in a choice of formats.

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