Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New fantasy novel release: The Silver Cage by Mik Wilkens

Multi media specialist and Renaissance faire enthusiast, Mik Wilkens released her fantasy novel The Silver Cage on December 1st.
Yesterday I read the excerpts from the new fantasy novel The Silver Cage by Mik Wilkens. The richly inspired fantasy world of Lucasia created by Wilkens was immediately engaging with the winged Riak, the monstrous wyrm Sytan, a cantankerous cat, a powerful princess and later queen, a delightful creature called a shakorn that is compelled to help, and David Connor who is troubled by strange dreams. Soon David will be pulled from our world into Lucasia...

Today is the official release date of The Silver Cage, and last night Mik Wilkens answered some questions from me about her novel:

1. Who is your favorite character in The Silver Cage?

Overall, my favorite character would have to be Riak. The funny thing is, he wasn’t in my first rough ideas for the book or even in the first part of the first draft. I was several chapters into the novel when he walked into my head and said, “Hey, I’m supposed to be in this story.” So I had to go back and add him in several places. Good thing I did, too, because he became a really important part of the story. The reason I like him so much is because of how little I knew about him when I started writing the book and how much I found out about him. Plus he’s an emotionally complex character, and he’s pretty darn sexy.

From a writer’s perspective, my favorite character would have to be either Emerald or Karel, mostly because writing dialogue for them is so much fun, although in rather different ways since Emerald tends to be rather talkative and Karel not so much.

2. How long did it take you to write your novel?

I wrote two-thirds of the first draft in about six months while I was attending graphic design school. After I graduated and got a "real" job, I had to put the novel aside for a few months while I settled into the routine of working for a living. Once I got back to writing, I finished the first draft in about three months, so I spent a total of about nine months getting the entire thing down on paper - literally, since I write all of my first drafts by hand.

3. Can you summarize the magic system of your fantasy world?

I would love to explain the magical system in The Silver Cage, but it's such an integral part of the story, I'm a little hesitant to reveal too much about it other than to say that creating a logical magic system was one of the driving forces behind writing the novel. I think I can safely say that on Lucasia, the world where most of the story takes place, magic is a force of nature. To find out how it works, you'll just have to read the book. ;-)

Thank you for answering my questions, Mik.

I have no time to read and review The Silver Cage right now, but it appears to certainly deserve a look from fantasy readers. Read excerpts from The Silver Cage.

It's available at Amazon for Kindle starting today and will be coming to Barnes & Noble and Borders at any time.

The Silver Cage at Amazon.