Friday, December 10, 2010

Romance writer Rie McGaha expands into fantasy fiction

Rie McGaha, mother of 12 children and animal rescuer, faces her first winter since her house burnt down. The long night of the solstice approaches, and the winds are frosty in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma. With her hunky man at her side, she hopes to see the bloom of spring again...

Although this sounds like an exciting novel, it is actually a dramatic description of romance author Rie McGaha's past year. Her family did endure a devastating fire earlier in the year, and the publisher of her newest novel, A Winter's Night, is forwarding all proceeds from sales of the title to the author to help her family recover from the fire. You can buy the novel on this page in various formats.

A Winter's Night represents Rie's foray into fantasy writing. She's been a popular romance author for years with numerous titles published.
To encourage sales, anyone who buys A Winter's Night during the month of December and notifies Rie will be entered in a drawing to win her complete back list of steamy novels. Read complete details about her drawing.

And it's a big backlist. Rie is as prolific as she is fertile. When I asked her how many novels she wrote she replied "thirteen, fourteen maybe." It's better that she keeps track of kids and grand kids and focuses on writing hot fantasies instead of counting books, right?

Because Rie and I are both busy writers and mothers, we don't have time for a long drawn out discussion, so here's the quickie interview so romance readers can get to know Rie and move on to reading her "fantasy that keeps you up."

How long have you been writing?

Since I could make my letters! I told stories to my parents long before I could write and when I was ten, I remember my mom sending in some ad she found in a magazine that was for some kind of writing test, which she gave me and sent in. At thirteen I wrote my first romance novel about a young woman from Boston who came to a small town in the wild, Wild West to teach school and fell in love with the town sheriff. I wrote the requisite morose poetry and song lyrics as a teen, then stories for my kids. Writing has always been a part of my life.

You stated in a previous article that you love "good bad boys" and put them in all your stories. Can you explain the traits of a good bad boy?

I married a good bad boy. These are the ones who make the best heroes because they are everything a woman wants in a man. Not only is he the one who will love you forever, be the man who will always put you first, go to any extent to protect you, he also has his own set of rules, standards and morals. He's not above breaking the law if it suits his needs or stands between him and his goals. Especially his lady.

Any additional comments?

Thank you so much for having me, Tracy. This is always the worst part of being an author....I hate promotions! But then it allows me to meet nice people like yourself, so it does have a few perks!

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Rie is brilliant. Why didn't I think of interviewing male models?

I wish her much success.