Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book Reviewers: Join the Book Review Blog Carnival

On Sunday January 23rd, the Book Review Blog Carnival will be stopping at Her Ladyship's Quest.

What is a blog carnival?

It is basically a collection of links to related topics, in this case book reviews, that are presented by a blogger in a single post. This helps book bloggers spread the word about their reviews and build links to their blogs. Every edition of the carnival is placed at new blog and exposes the carnival to more readers.

Readers benefit from the book review blog carnival because it creates a big list of book reviews in one place.

To see an example of this blog carnival, see the current one at Atticus Books which hosted the carnival today.

Reviews of either fiction or nonfiction are acceptable. To provide a link and a brief description of one of your favorite book reviews, please fill out this form for the blog carnival. Or click on "submit an article"on the blog carnival widget above. It only takes a couple minutes. Then return to Her Ladyship's Quest on January 23rd so you can link to the post, make a comment, or mention it on a social networking site.