Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and what's happening at the Fantasy Tavern

Welcome 2011!

Last night all I could think was "When did it get to be the future?"

Two thousand and eleven seems ridiculously futuristic. Why don't I have an electric car in the garage? Why is there so much paper in my office? Oh, that's right I'm a novelist. Although the majority of my readers enjoy my work as ebooks, I do a lot of printing and reading on paper during the creation phases.

Because I'm getting older and have small children, the closest I got to drinking last night was updating the Fantasy Tavern.

The new home page fortnight feature is Aaron Miller a fantasy illustrator from Chicago. He's talented, has worked for some big name clients, and is available for commissions.

In the free fantasy ebooks directory I added a new link to Call of the Herald: Book One of the Dawning of Power trilogy by Brian Rathbone.

Genre creators may contact me anytime about being listed or featured at the Fantasy Tavern.

And because it's the first of the month, I did my monthly drawing for an ebook giveawaywinner. The prize for people who joined my readers' list in December was A Dance of Cloaks by David Dalglish.

The new prize for the January drawing is Quest for Atlantis an anthology from Pill Hill Press. Join my readers' list to enter the drawing and download a free ebook of my novel Union of Renegades.