Monday, February 21, 2011

Indie writer news

Historical Fantasy Short Story collection by Joseph Robert Lewis
The Tale of Asha, Volume 1: Death - Contains three short stories The Lotus Cave, The Fever Mist, and The Shining Scales. See more about these tales by Joseph Robert Lewis.

Growing Fantasy News Community at

I've been following Fantasy Faction on Twitter for a while, and it's really shaping up as an enjoyable and informative website for fantasy genre fans. Action in the forum is consistent with the regular addition of discussion questions and reviews. Also find new indie fantasy writers in the forum's book ads section.

Upcoming interview with South African fantasy author T.C. Southwell

Thanks to ebooks and worldwide distribution I recently discovered T.C. Southwell, who has agreed to an interview for Her Ladyship's Quest that I will be scheduling soon. Refer to my recent review of Demon Lord to see how much I appreciated reading this great fantasy author.

How's my blog tour going?

Over the weekend I was delighted to have two bloggers publish my guest posts.

Killing characters - a fantasy writer confesses her sins

The therapeutic meditative qualities of writing

What's your indie writer news?

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