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Love this excerpt from Luminous & Ominous by Noah Mullette-Gillman

Luminous & Ominous by Noah Mullette-Gillman
End of the world science fiction adventure

As part of Noah Mullette-Gillman's current blog tour, I am featuring an excerpt from his novel Luminous & Ominous.

About the novel:

Henry Willingham and his friends have three days to make the most terrifying decisions of their lives. The world has been infected by an inescapable living nightmare of alien vegetation that will replace all life on Earth. They must get everyone they love safely underground into a fallout shelter. There's not enough time. There’s not enough room for everyone. Who will they save? Who will they leave behind?

How will they live with the consequences?

After hiding underground for a year, the last three survivors must brave the otherworldly infestation and travel through what used to be upstate New York struggling for their lives and their humanity.

Excerpt from science fiction novel Luminous & Ominous

He found the right door, but decided that he shouldn’t go in through the main entrance. After a little searching, he found the nearest employee door and used the axe to pry it open.

He was in an old hallway again. Maybe the same old hallway? He couldn’t know, but this one had seen a little more use. There were boot prints in the dirt.

He didn’t have the flashlight anymore, but there was a dim florescent light above him. The light was weak because of the hundreds of fly corpses that had accumulated in the plastic cover over the years. It needed to be cleaned. Still, at least the bodies were black and not purple.

He walked past the first door and to the second. He was beginning to become self-conscious again about his nudity. He was afraid of opening one of the doors and finding out what was inside.

When he got to the third door, the violet glow covering it stopped him in his tracks. The wood was covered in a thin netting of beautiful incandescent purple. It felt like staring into the open jaws of a crocodile.

He reached out for the door-knob and imagined he was wrapping his palm around an alligator’s tooth.

The door wasn’t locked.

The portal opened cleanly. The room inside was more beautiful than any interpretation of Heaven he’d even seen.

It was a triumphant glow of ultraviolet hues. Gentle and kind shades of purple and soothing blues massaged his eyes everywhere that he looked. It reminded him of tropical waters, and of the most beautiful sunsets – but finally free of the violence of the harsh influences of the color red. A part of him wanted to lie back into it, and just be absorbed in all of that luscious beauty. He wanted to be purple, to be blue… but he resisted. He knew that the only part he could have in that heaven was to play the part of its fertilizer. His body was the nutrition the beauty fed on, not the recipient of these many gifts.

In spite, he swung his axe through a nearby vine, slicing through it. Cornucopia Blue didn’t get angry. It didn’t defend itself. It magnificently continued to wave back and forth in its graceful pageant.

It occurred to Henry that Cornucopia Blue was more beautiful than anything from Earth. He’d never seen that in the movies. E.T was ugly. Klingons, Wookies, Predators – they were all ugly. The only pretty alien life anyone had ever dreamed up were those human-looking girls with blue or green skin. But really, those were just humans with blue or green skin. Henry suddenly felt the failure of imagination perpetrated by generations of humanity. They really had wasted the last few billion years…

Cornucopia Blue was more beautiful than anything from earth. It was more wonderful than anything we’d ever dreamed up. It was more worthy of life than humanity or…. Henry searched in his mind for the word. The cats came to mind and then he found it.

Cornucopia Blue was more worthy of life than Gaia was.

“Yeah, but fuck you anyway!” Henry shouted and swung the axe.

He liked that the handle was made of wood. It was like the trees and he were ganging up to chop a few purple vines down.

A minute later the floor was covered in severed vegetation. His arms were sore and he was sweating, but it felt good. He could finally begin to see the room behind the alien. There were stacks of cardboard boxes and the Cornucopia was devouring them. Inside the boxes there were DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. The Cornucopia was eating their packaging and leaving the shiny discs untouched. They stuck out; reflecting the colors of the alien invader on their surface.

As Henry saw the media overgrown with the roots and vines he thought again of his trip to South America and the ruined stone buildings besieged by the roots of massive trees. These were the ruins of his civilization forgotten in the jungle.

There was another door forward. Rather than reach out and touch the radiant aquamarine knob, Henry took his axe to it. He decided he would rather smash his way ahead.

He broke it open and found himself in Macy’s.

Luminous & Ominous by Noah K. Mullette-Gillman

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