Monday, March 21, 2011

Authors: Submit your character profiles

Great characters make a great story.

I think every reader who picks up a new novel wants to connect with the characters and feel the story through them. Authors are always spending time explaining what their books are about. I think we should also explain who our books are about.

I am inviting authors to submit for publication at Her Ladyship's Quest a character profile. Tell everyone about your hero or heroine, your villain, your charming supporting characters, or whoever else makes your novel great. The character profile does not have to be long. Write two or three paragraphs about the character, include some interesting quotes, or illuminating excerpts, or the character's tarot card reading or something. Get creative and let your characters help you find readers. Think of it as the literary version of how actors go out and promote their movies.

I just did a character profile for Dreibrand Veta from The Rys Chronicles. You can take a look at that to get a feel for what I'm looking for.

I will be publishing one or two character profiles a week as they come in. To participate, please email to tracy {AT swirl} falbepublishing {Dot} com

The text of your character profile
Book cover image
Links to where to buy the novel

Multiple submissions are fine, but I will only publish one character profile per post.

Please let other authors know about this opportunity. I think the character profiles will make for interesting content for readers who are looking for new stories.