Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Character profile: Halina Pawlak from New Shifters by Halli Lilburn

Today meet Halina Pawlak the protagonist from Halli Lilburn's young adult adventure novel New Shifters.

Reluctant Hero

“I think with a little more effort you could be ready to compete in the Summer Games in July.”Maybe that was encouragement. Maybe not. He expected me to be flattered, and just to impress him I made it look like I was.

Mischief Maker

The doors were able to tattle on us, but the windows weren’t. It seemed like a major oversight on Arter’s part. Sneaking out of windows was a time honoured tradition.


My mind began tossing out imaginative motivations. I drew a picture of him and me together in our swim suits with no one else in the pool. The sun setting through the big picture windows... He was filling my mind with unfathomable things, verbal and non-verbal. I was trying to grasp my head around this metaphysical knowledge while my heart was dealing with the close proximity of Mr. Tyler’s body.


“You would have left me here.” I took my accusation one step further, hoping I was wrong.” You don’t care about me; you were just abusing my feelings for you so I wouldn’t go back and find out who you really are.” I studied his face for a sign to show me I was wrong.


Together we were out for adventure. Our thirst for adrenalin had kept us tight knit. We would never leave each other out of anything fun. We made a good team; always had each other’s backs.


The extra practices were hard. We did water rescue training as well as prepare for the Summer Games. I pushed myself, hoping that my dedication would impress him.

Self sacrificing

“No!” I shouted, looking into his fearful eyes. I wasn’t going to let him get caught too. If I could keep their attention on me, Yusef might have a chance to escape.


“If you thought I would just hang out here for the rest of my life and pretend nothing was wrong, then you don’t know me. I’m no coward.”

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